I Know That Feel, Bro

Sympathy crossovers!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Artist Paper Beats Scissors was inspired by a 4chan meme – the mistranslated phrase “I know that feel, bro” – to create these pop culture pairings based on shared pain. Everyone needs someone to tell their troubles to, even if they’re a parallel universe away. These are 7 “I Know That Feel, Bro” images:


Geordi LaForge and Cyclops

Keeping an “eye” out for each other.


Beaker and Chewbacca

This would be the most intelligible conversation of all-time.


Gollum and Buffalo Bill

Precious memories.


Freakazoid and Flynn

Computers suck you in. Literally.


Edward Scissorhands and Cutman

They’re both a cut above the rest.


Galactus and Garfield

They would go to Overeaters Anonymous together, except Galactus might eat the planet the meeting’s on.


Bonus: Floppy and Cassette

iPod won’t return their calls.


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