5 Funny Bar Mitzvah Dance Videos

The Chair Dance is just the tip of the Bar Mitzvah iceberg.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

When a Jewish boy or girl turns 13, they often have a Bar (or Bat for girls) Mitzvah, where they read a portion of the Torah for family and friends in a ceremony. Afterwards, there’s a big party with dancing – sometimes this dancing is caught on tape and uploaded to YouTube, for the enjoyment of Jews and gentiles the world over. Here are 5 funny Bar Mitzvah dance videos:


Vogue Bar Mitzvah Dance

Today, you become a man, and in the Jewish tradition that means emulating Madonna.


Hip-Hop Bar Mitzvah Dance

What took more time – learning his Torah portion or this dance choreography? I hope the latter.


Michael Jackson Bar Mitzvah Dance

Moonwalking into manhood.


Drake Dancing At His Bar Mitzvah

Little did he know that someday he’d grow up to get Re-Bar Mitzvah’d.


Mom and Son Hip-Hop Bar Mitzvah Dance

Starts at :42 – So this is apparently a thing.


Bonus: Myq Kaplan Recalls Bar Mitzvah Dance Class

The Funky needs the comeback.


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