The Big List: Internet Destroys Mountain Dew! Presidential Bros!

4chan hijacks an online naming poll. Plus: Who’s the bigger bro – Romney or Obama?

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to set-up an online naming contest for a company, allow users to submit and vote on names with little to no moderation, be surprised when the internet takes over the contest for lulz, take it down, remember that this happens in every online naming poll and check out these links!


4chan Destroys Mountain Dew Naming Campaign

They have to make “Gushing Granny” now. It’s the law!


Who Is The Biggest Bro In The Presidential Race?

He’ll take the Presidential Oath and swear by the Bro Code.


The Letter You Receive When Somali Pirates Seize Your Ship

This was a lot more formal than the severed finger I was expecting.


Which College Students Want Threesomes The Most?

Dan Savage finds out. Also, library sex is cool – who knew there’d still be a good reason to go to the library these days? [image via]


Spending $20 Billion: NASA vs. AT&T

If Discovery offered cell phone service, I’d go with Discovery.


That’s all for this Diabeetus-y edition of The Big List!


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