TIFF Lightbox features X-Men exhibit

Exhibit also celebrates Canadian artist Gordon Smith.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

In its ongoing quest to highlight major achievements in the Canadian film industry, a new X-Men exhibit has opened up at the TIFF Lightbox devoted to the work of makeup artist and special effects designer Gordon Smith, who hails from Ontario and graduated from the theatre programme at the University of Windsor.

Having worked on such flicks as the two aforementioned "X-Men" movies along with "Platoon," "Natural Born Killers," "Jacob's Ladder," "Dead Ringers," and "Get Rich or Die Tryin'", Smith is being celebrated for his use of advanced silicone makeup technology, creating such incredible characters as the blade-knuckled Wolverine, the feral strongman Sabretooth, and most memorably the blue-skinned, distinctly underdressed shapeshifter Mystique. He is known for his form-fitting makeup that moves seamlessly with the body.

"I have no training in it whatsoever. I kind of made it up as I went along, from the beginning of my career to the end," he said of his work in such silicone technology in an interview with The Canadian Press. "I kind of ended up creating my own technology, which is radically different from the rest of the industry, and the whole industry now uses my technology and uses my approach, which I think is kind of cool."

The exhibit "X-Men Master: Gordon Smith" is free of charge and opens in conjunction with the comic book convention Fan Expo.

Photo: WENN.com