Tom Brady Gets A ‘House’ Call

Why the three time Super Bowl champ is turning to a new throwing coach.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

The one thing that separates the good from the great is that the great don't rest on their past accomplishments, they continually keep trying to improve. Quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is the perfect example of this. A three-time Super Bowl champion who is widely considered the best in the NFL at what he does, Brady still isn't above reaching out for help with self-perceived faults.

Case in point is this preseason.

Not happy with how his throwing has been during practice sessions recently, Brady reached out to former major league pitcher Tom House to help correct his form. House currently works with both pitchers and several prominent NFL quarterbacks on improving their throwing motion.

While it may seem odd to those outside the loop to see someone as decorated and accomplished as Brady, asking for help, it's pretty normal for a guy who is constantly thirsting for knowledge.

“I love learning,” Brady said. “If you ever feel like you’ve ever figured everything out, this game is going to pass you. I learned so much from Tom Martinez over the years; he was a great mentor for me. He taught me everything I know. I had the opportunity through some mutual friends to meet Tom House, and have really enjoyed the experience of working with him, and learning some different things, some different techniques. It’s fun. It’s very analytical, it’s very precise. I love the details. That’s what I try to pay attention to.”

Tom Martinez was Brady's personal throwing coach and long time mentor. He passed away in February which prompted Brady to turn to House to fill that role. House, speaking with the Boston Herald recently, said Brady craved information and was digging for anything that might improve him even the slightest bit. This notion was validated by Brady in an interview on Wednesday.

“If I can improve my technique, and that helps me with five throws over the course of the season, five throws that I wouldn’t have made last year, that I made this year,” Brady said, “those could be the five most important plays of the season.”

At this stage of his career, Brady isn't looking to reinvent the wheel when it comes to throwing but just shore up some minor areas of concern. House and Brady have been working on Brady’s left, non-throwing arm and front side in their meetings at USC, as well as tweaking other areas. The adjustments seem to have worked for the 35-year-old.

“It’s hard to think, ‘I’ve been playing for a while now,’ and ‘Oh, I do what I do. This is just what it is,’ ” Brady said. “No. I want to go out there, and I want to try to learn something every year and be better and have less margin for error. Hopefully that’ll even improve what I can bring to the team.”

Brady as he is now is a scary prospect. The thought of him getting even better should send shock-waves of terror throughout the NFL. Well, everywhere except the New York Giants locker-room, where they somewhere have the secret formula for stopping the Patriots' biggest weapon.

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Photo Credit: Tom Croke/Icon SMI