7 Very Weird Condom Commercials

If they wanted to deter us from ever having sex again, then these condom commercials did their job.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Advertising condoms must be a difficult task because, simply put, no one wants to wear the bloody things. Condoms are to men what handcuffs are to serial killers – you don't want to put one on because it's uncomfortable, but you're a danger to yourself and those around you if you resist. 

Naturally, condom companies have had a difficult time marketing them, producing some weird and downright terrifying commercials in the process. Here are 7 of the best/worst.


Pigs Can Fly

Oh, I get it – men who chat up women in bars are seedy pigs! How hilariously offensive.


OK, You've Convinced Us

After watching this, I think I'll double-bag. Or maybe get castrated. 


You've Gotta Use a Ticket if You Wanna Ride the Ride

Little does she know that monologuing is a real turn-on.


The Condom Fairy


Oh thank God. I thought I was the only one who saw a fat black guy on the foot of my bed every time I have sex.


My Condom Friend

Don't worry, Nirodh, I'll never forget you. The image of your terrifying condom body will forever be etched into my retinas.


Latex Dogs

It makes me uncomfortable to think that at least one of you has got an erection whilst watching this.


Makeshift Torch

And yet when I walk up to girls with a condom in my hand they're all like "rapist!"

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