Exclusive Video: Jaws Blu-ray Interviews

The stories behind the first summer blockbuster, and the painstaking work that went into the Blu-ray release.

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"We didn't make a horror monster. We made a shark that was only five feet bigger than existing sharks."

You're going to need a bigger screen to fully appreciate the Blu-ray release of Jaws, available today from Universal Pictures. But before you pop in your new high-definition restoration, CraveOnline is taking you on a journey with the makers of Jaws and the Blu-ray itself. Carl Gottlieb, the writer of Jaws and the indispensable tome The Jaws Log, and production designer Joe Alves go back to the production that started it all. Michael Daruty, vice president of technical operations for Universal Studios, reveals the painstaking restoration process necessary to make Jaws a "must have" Blu-ray and Michael Roddy, producer of the feature-length documentary The Shark is Still Working (available as a new special feature on the set) shares the origin of his film and the legacy of everyone's favorite killer shark movie.

CraveOnline goes into interviews, interviews go into the pop culture firmament. Shark's in the pop culture firmament. Our shark.