Fantastic Four & FF #1s: United Variant Covers

Yes, that is a girl in a giant Thing costume. Her name is Miss Thing. This is Matt Fraction's FF. Enjoy!

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Fantastic Four/FF

If this wasn't what it was, it should have been folded into our other piece about today's Marvel NOW cover reveals, but those are #2 issues, and this is our first look at Fantastic Four and FF #1, both now under the thrall of Matt Fraction. The former is being illustrated by Mark Bagley, while the latter sports Mike Allred. However, these variant connecting covers are all Bagley, and they do raise some questions. Take a good gander.



The snazzy classic sci-fi looking Future Foundation black-and-whites have been resnazzed for Fantastic Four, still looking pretty cool. The FF book, however, is starkly different – which we learned last week. Will it still focus on the genius kids of the Foundation, or will it be all about Medusa, Ant-Man, She-Hulk and Miss Thing? 

Yes, Miss Thing. A girl in a Thing suit. Named Miss Thing. She is not a beanpole dame in a magazine. I still can't decide if that's awesome or something to dread.