10 Real Life Fruit Ninjas

Everyone wants to bring the popular iPhone game to life.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Earlier this Summer, the iPhone game Fruit Ninja exceeded 300 million downloads. Imagine if you could slice heads too, instead of just fruit – you’d probably have a bazillion downloads. Of course, many folks aren’t content just playing the game – they want to show off their ninja watermelon slicing skills IRL. Here are 10 real life fruit ninjas:


Fruit Ninja Makes A Stop

He’s the scourge of all farmer’s markets.


3 am Fruit Ninja

They apparently ate the fruit afterwards. Mmm… ninja fruit.


American Fruit Ninja

So many apple welts.


Fake-Real Fruit Ninja

This kid seems kinda sad and exhausted by fruit ninjutsu.


Let’s Slice Some Fruit!

Then his mom says, “well, there’ll be no fruit salad tonight.”


Better Fake-Real Fruit Ninja

Actually, the kid grew up to be this guy.


3 Fruit Ninjas

Dude! (Radical!)


Actual Real Life Fruit Ninja

Get this man some nunchucks so he can do some real damage!


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