‘Sons of Anarchy’ Game in Development Limbo

The property is not “getting any traction” from major publishers.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


For a while there it was looking like Kurt Sutter’s hit FX television series Sons of Anarchy would be getting a high-quality video game adaptation. However, things have seemed to hit a snag in recent months.

Sutter went to Twitter to express that the Sons of Anarchy video game is currently in development limbo because it’s “getting no traction.” Once upon a time, the SOA game had a major publisher backing it, but it appears as though said publisher has backed out of the deal, leaving Sutter high and dry and the fate of the Sons of Anarchy game in limbo. Since that deal fell apart, no other publisher has seemed interested to pick up the torch and run with it.

Furthermore, Sutter mentions in the same tweet that the SOA game is not a high priority at FX, so it’s unlikely it will ever happen at this point. That’s definitely a bummer.

What was really interesting about Sutter’s proposed Sons of Anarchy game was that Sutter wanted nothing less than a “AAA” affair. He did not want a crappy Facebook social game or anything that felt cheap, a point he made by pointing to the recently released Game of Thrones game as a way not to do things. A badass Sons of Anarchy title would have been fun to see. Too bad it will likely never happen.