Japanese Man Lights Self on Fire for Your Amusement

From MEGWIN's YouTube page: "we, Samurai, are making original comedy movies in japan!!"

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

Yeah, don't ask me how I found them. Just…don't.


MEGWIN is a Japanese comedy group whose closest analog would be MTV's Jackass series. They do sketches, they do stupid stunts. But…it's Japan, right? Isn't some of the humor lost in translation? I don't know, watch them parody the Olympic relay by almost engulfing their film crew in flames:


"Olympic-Torch relay invade London"


Let's see if I can't explain MEGWIN any better. So what would originally be Johnny Knoxville getting hit in the junk with a baseball bat is now a man dressed as a Japanese demon getting hit with a baseball. Got it?


"A demon is a jungle and it is a target reliance game."


It's easy to laugh at the mistranslations and random shouts and screams of effeminate men…but I need deeper cuts in my Japanese comedy. Where's the craft? The REAL Japanese humor I desire…


Oh wait! I know what will play to the mid-west United States! How about dressing a man in a too small leopard bikini and watch as he fruitlessly blows on a whistle while his camera crew struggles to find him lost in the woods!? 


"The maze of an ocean of foliage."


"But Sam!" You cry, "When are you going to show them go to London, dress as anime characters, and smash their crotches together to attract women?"


First off, you need to get your mind out of the gutter and stop stereotyping Japanese comedy as obscure, random mishmashes of toliet humor and inside jokes.


Secondly…I was just about to show you that:


"Tower Bridge invade London"


Honestly, if you want to be on the pulse of what Japanese YouTubers subscribe to just go ahead and add this to your list. The other thing MEGWIN has in spades is dilligence. They upload a new video every single day. And having edited video myself I know what kind of dedication that takes, man.


I'll leave you with their tribute video to the best selling videogame Dragon Quest. And by tribute, I mean a Japanese gentleman dresses up and then tries to melt ice with fire, almost lighting himself on fire. Keep dreaming MEGWIN, keep dreaming:




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