Exclusive: 8 Alphas Powers You Wish You Had

Enter the world of Syfy's "Alphas" with a look at some of the fantastic abilities of the main characters!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Is there anyone among us who hasn't dreamed about having a super power at some point in our lives? To have the ability to fly, or a way to turn invisible? And I think that we all share moments when we wish for physical strength that we just don't have.

Superhero comic books are often called empowerment fantasies because they really can be empowering. And while Syfy's "Alphas" features characters whose powers are a bit more grounded than standard comic heroes, they still have abilities that we can only dream about.

To celebrate the second season of "Alphas," Syfy has sent us this exclusive look at "8 Alphas Powers You Wish You Had." To expereince the full page experience with videos, double click on the player below. Just keep in mind that some of these abilities also come with a serious downside…



"Alphas" airs Monday nights at 10pm, only on Syfy.