The Idiot Box – Episode 95: In Joss We Trust

This week, we examine Joss Whedon's upcoming Marvel TV series, the "Doctor Who" 50th Anniversary, Warren Ellis' "Gun Machine" and more!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

This week on The Idiot Box, Blair Marnell (Crave Online's TV Channel Editor) and Sax Carr (Crave Online's Comedy Channel Editor) check in for a brief news update as they examine Joss Whedon's upcoming Marvel TV series, the fate of Daredevil, a "Freakonomics" inspired TV series, The CW's "Sleepy Hollow," "Doctor Who" anniversary news, Warren Ellis' "Gun Machine" and FX's "The Americans"!


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Also, be sure to vote for Sax on The Nerdist's Tournament of Nerds web series as he represents Captain America against the fearsome factory owner, Willie Wonka!



And if that's not enough Sax for you, check out the trailer for his upcoming web series, "Batgirl: Spoiled"!



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