10 Super Mario Live Acts

The video game plumbers take it to the next level - live on stage!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Super Mario Bros really is a crowd pleaser. Whether you’re a violinist, a juggler or a beatboxer, if you’re going on stage, you’d be wise to have the classic Mario theme in your set. Bonus points if you suit-up in the plumber outfit! Here are 10 videos of Super Mario themed live acts:


Super Mario Juggling Act

The fireballs do nothing against Koopa?!


Mario Bros with a Violin

With the power-up sounds? Your move, other instruments.


Super Mario – Live on Stage

I wanna play this version.


DJ Mario Bros

Getting’ f***ed-up in the Mushroom Kingdom.


Super Mario Beatboxing + Flute

This guys needs one of those one-man band contraptions with the monkey.


Super Mario at the Ice Capades

One more reason why 1989 was the best.


Super Xylophone Bros.

Crowds love underwater levels.


Mario A Capella

Pass me those cool props, you guys. I could use some wall decorations.


Mario Bros Burlesque

Never mind what I wrote before, this is the version I want to play.


Super Mario Quartet

It’s nice to see the ol’ SMB2 gang together again.


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