NBC Unearths a ‘Cleopatra’ TV Show

ABC Studios and NBC team up for a potential period series that sounds more like "Xena" than a historical drama.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

The legendary Egyptian queen, Cleopatra has been featured in several TV shows and films — including the 1963 Cleopatra movie starring Elizabeth Taylor (pictured above) —  and a fixture in popular culture. But she's never been the main subject of a television show… until now.

According to Deadline, ABC Studios has struck a deal with NBC to develop "Cleopatra" as a weekly series. As per the reported "put pilot" agreement, NBC must air the "Cleopatra" pilot or pay a substantial fee.

The historical Cleopatra was the last pharaoh of Egypt who famously had affairs with both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony before her country fell under the control of Rome. Cleopatra's suicide upon learning of Antony's death has also contributed to her lasting mystique.  

NBC's "Cleopatra" is described as "an epic romance set in a world of sorcery, gods and monsters that centers on Cleopatra, Mark Antony and Julius Caesar. The young queen makes a sacred pact with a goddess to win back her throne, igniting a curse and an infamous love triangle that changes the course of history, forever ending the 4,000 year dominion of the Pharaoh."

It's not currently known how closely the series will follow the original legend, but the description does seem to indicate a fair amount of fantasy elements within "Cleopatra."

Michael Seitzman is attached to write the "Cleopatra" pilot and executive produce the project alongside Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Dan McDermott.

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