The B-Movies Podcast #80: I Just Grabbed Your Butt

Bibbs and Witney introduce the B-Movies Podcast drinking game and have an epic argument about The Bourne Legacy.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


It's time for another gratuitous and unerotic episode of The B-Movies Podcast, starring CraveOnline's Film Channel editor William 'Bibbs' Bibbiani and 'Professor' Witney Seibold. This week, they're celebrating the twenty year anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie), reviewing The Bourne Legacy (which they can't stop arguing about) and, most importantly, introducing the B-Movies Podcast Drinking Game! Follow along with all the latest movie news reviews and whatnot (you can read the rules below), about Chewbacca's own movie, Rush Hour 4, the Fox/Marvel Studios fracas over Daredevil and – finally – the impact the Kristen Stewart scandal has actually had on the film industry.

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The B-Movies Podcast Drinking Game:

  • Drink every time Bibbs says, “Everyone calls me Bibbs.”
  • Drink every time we say “Totoro Hat of Doom”
  • Drink every time we say the title of the episode
  • Drink every time we suggest a title for the episode
  • Drink every time Bibbs references porn (finish your drink for a “Y&A” reference)
  • Drink every time Bibbs has to explain pop culture to Witney
  • Drink every time Witney has to explain high culture to Bibbs
  • Drink every time Witney denies that video games are art
  • Drink every time Bibbs sighs
  • Drink very time Bibbs clicks his tongue
  • Drink every time Witney says “Oh lord”
  • Drink every time Bibbs tells Witney “I hate you”
  • Drink every time Bibbs forgets to mention one of the other Crave podcasts, or gets their names wrong
  • Drink every time we forget the name of a movie (and can’t think of the title before we move on)
  • Drink every time there’s a grab bag question
  • Drink every time they whine about remakes
  • Drink every time they whine about 3D
  • Drink every time they reference the Step Up franchise
  • Drink every time Bibbs mentions that he’s single now
  • Drink every time Dave White, Grae Drake, Alonso Duralde or any of the other friends of the podcast are mentioned
  • Drink every time Brett Ratner is used as a punchline
  • Drink every time Witney references auteur theory
  • Drink every time Witney tells Bibbs to “Stop it”
  • Drink every time Bibbs says “We need to move along”
  • Drink very time Bibbs bitches about The Amazing Spider-Man
  • Drink every time someone says “Here’s your check!”
  • Drink every time Bibbs makes an awful pun (finish your drink if Witney makes an awful pun)
  • Drink every time they forget what movies are coming out next week

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