7 Gangnam Style Parodies

The strange K-Pop dance hit takes over the tubes.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

If you want to see a weirdly amazing music video, look no further than the clip for Korean dance pop track “Gangnam Style.” Once you start watching it’s hard to stop, and for many YouTube video makers, it was hard to resist making fun of – what with the crazy dance moves and that elevator sequence. Here are 7 Gangnam Style parody videos:


PSY – “Gangnam Style” (Original)



Gangnam Style – Misheard Lyrics

Yoda is nothing if not eager.


Eatyourkimchi Style

The lesson: keep track of your pants.


Hongdae Style

Nice fake abs!


Sweded Gangnam Style

K-Pop on a budget.


Gangnam Dog

Open Puppy Style?


Backwards Gangnam Style

Backwards or forwards, it’s always crazy.


Gundam Style

That robot can dance for a long, long time…


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