10 Cats Doing Flips

Cats are always flipping out!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

There’s no rule that says cats can’t join an Olympic gymnastics team. Actually, there is almost certainly a rule like that, and that’s a good thing for us humans – cats are naturally good at doing crazy flips. If you cover a gold medal in nip, there’s nothing they won’t do for it. Here are 10 cats doing flips:


Slow Motion Cat Flip

They always land on their feet.


Bengal Cat Flip

Puts other cats to shame.


Ninja Cat Flip

The one cat was all like, “whaaaa,” and so the other one did a flaaaaam!


Stair Flip

Wait for it…


Fat Cat Flips

Nice work, tubby! I mean, tabby. Eh, I mean tubby.


Barrier Jump

They don’t always land on their feet.


Parkour Cat

Oh man… remember parkour?


Kick Flipped

Apparently the cat is alright. Still not cool, bro.


Shadow Flip

He’s The Flip Knight.


The Science of Cat Flipping

This is a science class I would have paid attention to in high school.


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