Brian Posehn & Gerry Duggan on ‘Deadpool’

What are these longtime comic fans going to bring to the table? Dead presidents. And not the money-cost variety.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Deadpool #1

Deadpool has a long, strange history in the annals of Marvel Comics. Starting out as low-rent '90s X-detritus, morphing somehow into an upstart fourth-wall-breaking headcase switching between frenetic comedy and gut-wrenching horror-drama and then somehow becoming nightmarishly overexposed to the detriment of his own comic misadventures, Wade Wilson is at a weird place with the departure of longtime scribe Daniel Way.

Wade Wilson owns weird places. And comedian Brian Posehn is a walking weird place. With his friend Gerry Duggan, Posehn is taking over the writing duties in the Marvel NOW relaunch and kicking it with artist Tony Moore. This was a surprise revelation last week, and we're eager to find out what this duo is going to be doing with the wild and woolly mercenary.

The story blurb is thus:

"Washington, D.C. is in turmoil when dead former U.S. Presidents – from George Washington to Gerald Ford – are resurrected and the heroes of the Marvel Universe can’t be the ones to stop them! There’s only one other person that has the reputation, skills, and plausible deniability to handle these com-monsters in chief…NOW! is the time for Deadpool! In Wade We Trust!"

Here's what Posehn and Duggan had to say.

DUGGAN: Brian and I had drinks with [Marvel Editor-in-Chief] Axel [Alonso] last San Diego Comic-Con, or the San Diego before that. We always talked about how fun it would be to work on something at Marvel and that’s how the whole idea essentially started! We kicked some ideas back and forth, didn’t hear from him for a while, until we got a call asking if we’d like to write DEADPOOL. And we were ecstatic. Brian and I grew up reading Marvel comics and getting a chance to play in the sandbox is a dream come true.

POSEHN: At one point we were gonna do a limited series, then Marvel mostly stopped doing those. We kept talking to them and it finally worked out. We pitched a couple of stories; they laughed, and said okay.

DUGGAN: It’s an action comedy. I don’t want anyone thinking they’re picking up just a humor book because we’re writing jokes, and Brian’s a very visible comedian. The book will hopefully make you laugh, but it’s a Marvel book first. We needed someone that had that command and skill that Tony has. He can do comedy beats, and comedy is hard to draw. We were over the moon when he said yes. We knew we’d be alright.

DUGGAN: It starts with a man who has decided that America has a lot of problems that can only be fixed by bringing back our former leaders, our great American Presidents. But that’s not how it works out. Once they’re back, they have a completely different idea of what they need to do and what the country needs. It’s a distasteful job having to send our presidents back, but Deadpool is up for the job and is suited for it. They’re not equal in terms of their planning, but in their own way they have returned corrupted. We think it’s going to be a very fun first story that leads to other funny stories.

DUGGAN: There’s something that will be fun for everyone regardless of your political leaning, seeing our Presidents come back and seeing our problems. Especially since this is an election year, this could be a fun way for someone to turn off politics and just have some fun with the subject. This is a big problem for the Marvel Universe—they’re trying to destroy it!

DUGGAN: [These Presidents] come back with a lot of their attributes, and I don’t want to reveal too much, but there is the physical comedy. And unfortunately we have FDR in the first issue; he’s not completely back as he was in life. He’s physically diminished, and it’s fun to play with. They’re such large looming figures in our history and they define the eras in which they served; to have them all return and hell bent on destruction is enjoyable. I don’t think anyone has ever played with our history like that.

DUGGAN: He’s the scumbag we need. You don’t want to see the Avengers take on these cherished pillars of American history. It becomes a little more palatable when it’s Deadpool. He’s there strictly because S.H.I.E.L.D. is giving him a pillowcase with a dollar sign on it filled with money. He’s there to make money and he knows what has to be done, but he’s going to make a couple of bucks. During that, he makes some friends. That’s something we’re having fun playing with; he may start having attachments to things that aren’t machine guns! After the teaser was announced I got a couple of warning shots at me telling me I better keep Deadpool crazy; I told them that if I had showed them some of the things Tony was drawing, they might delete that tweet.

DUGGAN: We love that stuff, going back to Joe Kelly [and] Gail Simone’s runs and obviously Daniel Way. All of that is canon and we won’t be rebooting it. We give him a nice star entrance in the first issue, and hopefully what comes across is our love of the character and that material. We’re very happy and the one thing we tried to keep in mind was that it’s a new #1 and hopefully it’s the chance for a person to pick up their first Deadpool comic. I saw that this morning on Twitter with people saying they’ll pick the book up, even people who’ve never picked up comics saying that they like my nonsense on Twitter, and will try the book. In all seriousness that’s what we want, we want to appeal to new readers. We want to make it very accessible for a #1 and it’s something we’re proud that we’ve done.

DUGGAN: It’s going to be a long long run. In the first arc it’ll be new stuff and then we’re already writing the next arc too, so we’re committed to new stuff. But if we had a fun idea for that stuff we’d love to revisit it. As long as we have a fun idea that has some big action and an opportunity for some big laughs, we’re up for anything.

POSEHN: Oh man, don't want to spoil it, but crazy crap happens and it's drawn by Tony Moore. People are gonna [expletive], it's amazing. All your favorite Presidents fighting Deadpool, what's not to like?


Not much beyond the first arc, but it sounds like it's going to reach for the funny and be light on the pathos, but at least they're name-dropping Joe Kelly, who is the true creator of the character as far as I'm personally concerned. Moore also delights in bringing back some "Liefeldian pouches" in the new-look costume. It seems like this one will definitely be worth a shot.


Deadpool #1