7 Funny Videos About Sharks

Don’t go in the water… without seeing these videos!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Shark Week is almost here, so for all the Sharkamaniacs on the intertubes, these videos will whet your appetite for blood… er, annual TV marathons. Here are 7 funny videos about sharks:


Animals Acting Like Sharks Week

There’s only one way to stop these sharks: cuddle them.


Shark Olympics

Go for the gold! By that I mean, eat gold medalists.


Shark Fin Prank

Whenever you’re actually attacked by a shark, that orchestra is there for some reason.


Shark Attack 3: Megalodon

Seems legit.


Shark Choir

Starts at :33 – what song do you think they’re singing? (It’s that one.)


The Shark Knight

This isn’t a car. It’s a shark!


Lego Shark Attack

Even when they’re getting mauled, they never stop smiling. So brave.


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