Usain Bolt Wins Gold and Makes History… Again

Jamaican makes history by winning both the 100m and 200m Olympic gold.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

It was a Jamaican clean sweep as Usain Bolt took gold in the 200m tonight (August 9) in 19.32secs. Bolt firmly denied the cynics who cast doubt on his performance prior to London 2012 as he made history by being the first ever athlete to win both the 100m and 200m gold medal in back-to-back Olympics, following his success at Beijing.

But training partner Yohan Blake wouldn't go down without a fight, crossing the line just after Bolt in 19.44secs to take the silver. Warren Weir picked up the bronze in 19.84secs to make it a Jamaican clean sweep in the final, taking the top three positions. 

Many were uncertain of whether Bolt could trump Blake in what was considered the latter's greatest event, with him claiming that his winning performance in the semi-final was a "walk in the park". Both Bolt and Blake had previously stated that Blake trained harder than his mentor, and as the pair went up against each other in the 200m it was clear that Bolt was wary of his student, glancing over to Blake's lane several times as his fellow Jamaican started to catch up on him.

But Bolt was defiant, pipping Blake to the post and raising his index finger to his lips as he did so, a clear message to his critics. Speaking after the race, Bolt said simply: "this is what I wanted, and I got it". 

Though Bolt won the race, he didn't break the world record he set in Beijing. "I guess I wasn't fit enough", he replied when questioned about it. "I was fast, but I wasn't fit enough".

Bolt celebrated after the race in his typically flamboyant style, taking one of the assembled photographers camera from him and using it to take photos of his teammates and the press. 

Speaking of the victory, retired sprinter and 4-time Olympic gold medalist said: "Muhammad Ali was the greatest, but we're going to have to think of another title for Usain Bolt".

Photo: Getty Images