Titans Wideout Facing Possible Suspension

The talented WR may be able to catch a pass but he sure can't catch a break.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Kenny Britt of the Tennessee Titans is no stranger to trouble. The talented wideout has had eight brushes with the law since the Titans drafted him in 2009 and has had two visits to the commissioner’s office in the past year, circumstances no athlete wants. His latest visit with the commish came this past Monday due to a DUI he received last month and it may be the last straw that broke the camels back. Or in Britt's case, it may be the one that gets him suspended.

"What is my gut telling me? I really don't know," Britt said Wednesday. "(Goodell) didn't really give me any body language on what is going to happen. He just wasn't really pleased about seeing me in there; no person would like to see a player in their office twice in one year.

"Anybody should be worried about going to see the commissioner twice in one year, to tell you the truth. I just have to take it on the chin and move forward."

Britt was charged with a DUI last month as he tried to enter the Army post at Fort Campbell, Ky. He declined to answer questions from reporters about what happened, but said he offered an explanation to Goodell.

"That's something I would rather keep to myself," Britt said. "I regret every incident in my life and I regret the things that I did in the past. We have to learn from all of our mistakes. … I am moving forward."

While Britt may be moving forward from this incident, it doesn't appear that misfortune is going to be done with him anytime soon. Later on Wednesday, Britt took to the Twitterverse to voice frustration over a $9,000 fine he received from the Titans for missing a mandatory rehabilitation session. Britt, who is recovering from surgeries on both knees, wasn't pleased with receiving the fine.

"Yu gotta be (expletive) kidding me.. walk back to dis.. Don't dey know I have kids .. I'm tired of did (expletive)." He tweeted, along with a picture of the fine document.

Though he later removed the post, it's safe to say that the team is going to have a few things to say to the wideout about it. But whatever problems he has with the commissioner and the Titans, Britt should be comforted in knowing that at least he has his teammates behind him.

"You hear a lot of stuff about him, but at the end of the day, people don't know Kenny, they don't know his situation, they don't know where he came from and they don't know what he has been through," Titans WR Damian Williams said. "From a guy I talk to every day — he has been to my house, I have been to his house, we have been in the trenches every day — I know the type of guy that he is. We have his back."

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