Nicola Adams Wins FIRST EVER Women’s Boxing Olympic Gold

Team GB athlete makes history by winning the first ever Olympic title in women's boxing.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Nicola Adams made Olympic history today (August 9) by winning the women's flyweight final against top seed Cancan Ren from China, taking the first ever Olympic gold for women's boxing in the process.

The crowd erupted for 29-year-old Adams, who came out of her corner all guns blazing, landing a flurry of punches on rival Ren before knocking her to the ground with a powerful jab. Ren had previously bested Adams in the World Championship finals in May and the 2010 finals, but Adams clearly had no intensions of letting her place in the history books slip through her fingers, beating Ren by a massive 16 points to 7. 

The European Union Amateur Champion and 4-time English Amateur Champion will see the Olympic gold medal as the defining moment of her long career, which began when she was just 13 and saw her become the first woman boxer ever to represent England.

Ireland's Katie Taylor also fought her way to a gold medal in a tough bout against Russia's Sofya Ochigava, which saw the Irish crowd in attendance cheer perhaps even louder than those assembled for Adams did. 

Prior to the Olympics there was debate as to whetheror not  Women's Boxing should have been included in the games at all – after today's events, it is unlikely that this question will be debated come Rio 2016.

Photo: Getty Images