Dream Team K.O’s Boomers

Kobe Bryant found the team he was looking for.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

The Australian men's basketball team are out of the Olympics after losing to the United States in the first elimination game.

Australia finished fourth in Group B, meaning they had the nightmare task of taking on the latest version on the Dream Team early on and they went down big, 119-86, in a game where the score wasn't truly indicative of how well the guys played.

Completely outclassed talent wise, the Boomers fought hard and stuck around for a while before a massive third term saw the U.S break away for good.

Patty Mills, Australia's closest thing to a star, was outstanding scoring 26 points, but the lightening quick San Antonio Spurs point guard had to do too much.

Joe Ingles was fantastic (as he has been all tournament) at the small forward position with 19 points, eight rebounds and six assists. The only other Boomer with NBA experience, David Andersen, could only manage 11-points and a handfull of rebounds.

For the States, Deron Williams did a lot of damage of a critical second half stretch. The Nets point guard scored 18 points while Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony each scored 20 and 17 respectively.

Bryant said after the game that he'd been looking for a team to get his game going- Australia proved to be that team.

"I've been just kinda searching for something to get me going. Searching for something to kinda activate the black mamba as coach calls it," Bryant said.