Exclusive: Rob Corddry Describes Michael Bay’s ‘Indie’ Filmmaking Style

'It's absolutely bonkers,' claims the 'Pain and Gain' star, who says the new film trades in car crashes for lots and lots of slow-motion.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel


When Michael Bay said he wanted to do an indie movie, nobody really believed it. And he kept signing up for more Transformers sequels so it seemed like an idle threat for a while. But between Transformers: Dark of the Moon and the upcoming Transformers reboot, Bay did make Pain and Gain, the true story of two bodybuilders (Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson) who committed kidnapping, extortion and murder.

Rob Corddry plays the manager of the gym who helps the crooks with their crime. He told us in an exclusive interview that a Michael Bay “indie” is still just as Hollywood as his big movies. We asked, does it really feel like an indie?

“Nooooo, no, no, no, no,” Corddry said. “Instead of car crashes there’s a lot of slow motion. I’m flipping through a magazine in slow motion at one point. It’s absolutely bonkers. There’s no car crashes or robots, but I’ve seen some of it and it’s very Michael Bay.”

The casting and subject make Pain and Gain sound like it’s right in Bay’s testosterone heavy wheelhouse. Corddry said it’s a lot weirder than anything we’ve seen Bay do before.

“It’s actually like a crime comedy drama. It’s a weird thing, man. It’s Michael Bay’s first ‘indie’ dark comedy. It’s starring Mark Wahlberg and The Rock which definitely made people cock their heads, and then I was the next one cast. So it makes no sense to people, so everybody’s curious.”

If it sounds far fetched, Corddry says you should just read the Miami New Times series documenting the crime in 1999. “If anybody wants to know, the story of the movie is true. It was the longest running court case in Miami-Dade County history. The Miami New Times did a three part story on it and the story itself is more ridiculous than anything you could write, so it’s going to be wild.”

Corddry also co-stars in the upcoming zombie movie Warm Bodies. Based on the book by Isaac Marion, the film is a zombie movie with a zombie as the protagonist. “That’s the movie I’ve got in the can right now that I’m most excited about,” Corddry said. “I basically play the same role I play a lot which is the best friend. I’ve always said I will be happy to play shades of that character forever, but this is probably the darkest shade or weirdest or most unique shade of that character because he’s a zombie. I’m basically the main zombie’s best friend. I’ve seen it and it’s incredible. It was the most satisfying movie of my career so far.”

As the best friend character, Corddry can often be cast as the A-hole best friend instigating trouble. He said his zombie BFF is different. “It was kind of written in a way that I could interpret it in whatever way I wanted. I definitely had a couple ideas as to what to bring to that sort of blank character because they’re zombies. They don’t feel. They have no memories. All they know is that they like to eat people but they’re starting to get better. They’re starting to transform and the best friend in this movie is more than just a plot device, which I was excited about. Yeah, he’s a little bit of a dick at some points but then also he starts to get it and he starts to recover and then he helps move the thing along.”

Pain and Gain is due out next year. Warm Bodies opens February 1.

CraveOnline will be back with more on both movies as soon as we work on our glutes.