A (Sexy) Tribute to Imogen Thomas

A tribute to the Welsh glamour model.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

It's not very often you meet a person who is beautiful on both the inside and out, but Imogen Thomas… well, we haven't actually met her, but we can confirm that she is at least 50% beautiful, even if she turns out to be some sort of monstrous demon who feeds on the blood of unborn foetuses. But even if that was the case, it would be hard to hold it against her when she takes photos of herself on her Twitter that look like this:

Speaking of unborn foetues, Imogen is currently pregnant with her first child. Which is fine. It's perfectly normal for a human being to reproduce, even if it drastically reduces the chances of us being treated to images such as the one above. It's not like we hold it against her or anything. Nope. Not at all.

Okay, so maybe we do resent her unborn child just a little bit. But hey, it's not our fault. If he/she insists on infiltrating the womb of Imogen like a selfish Xenomorph, then we have every right to voice our opinions on the matter. If we didn't speak up then these unborn children would go around like they own the place, ballooning up all of our favourite women with nary a thought for us perverts.

But before motherhood snatches Imogen away from us, we can still hold on to the memory of what once was. The Imogen who shamelessly posted photos of her wonderfully ill-proportioned breasts on the internet, before her child popped out of her and forced her to reevaluate her public image. We hope that day never comes, Imogen, but if it does, then remember this: us perverts will always be here for you. And you won't have to clean up our feces or vomit like you'll have to with that selfish prick currently growing inside of you.


Header Image, Bottom Image: WENN.com