7 Rap Album Covers Now Starring Aziz Ansari

The Parks & Recreation star takes over the history of hip-hop.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Comedian Aziz Ansari talks about the rappers he’s met in his stand-up routine. Now, thanks to this Tumblr, Aziz isn’t just talking about hip-hop – he’s invading all of hip-hop with his face! Impossible, you say? Check out these 7 rap album covers now starring Aziz Ansari:


50 Cent

So… he’s been working out?


The Notorious BIG

Making Aziz a baby in Photoshop was no biggie.



So fresh, so Aziz.


Waka Flocka Flame

The blood on his hands? Ron Swanson’s.



Izzo (A.Z.I.Z.)


R. Kelly

The above is what happens when you tell too many R. Kelly jokes.


Nicki Minaj

As if she wasn't weird enough.


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