Gilbert Rozon will help celebrate Montreal’s 375th birthday

Funnyman returns to roots for city's bash.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

For three decades comedian Gilbert Rozon has been delighting audiences with his wit and humour, and he'll have a major hand in helping plan the festivities for his hometown of Montreal's 375th birthday in 2017.

The mayor of the city, Gerald Tremblay, recently announced that a special non-profit organization will plan the city's birthday bash, and it will be headed by Rozon, who currently sits on the Just For Laughs committee and is in charge of the French side of the event, as well as Executive VP of Astral Media Jacques Parisien. According to CBC News, Michel Bissonnet, member of the executive committee for the 375th anniversary, along with Guy Hébert, the city's general director, and Rachel Laperrière, director of institutional affairs services, will take part in the planning process as well.

"We've already asked the provincial and federal government to participate, the same way that they did for the 350th anniversary and also for the 400th anniversary of Quebec," Tremblay told a news conference (as reported by CJAD).

“Five years is both a lot and a little time,” said Rozon to The Gazette about the timeframe they have to make the proper preparations. “I love Montreal and the way there are two cultures here, Molière meets Shakespeare. Believe me, we are going to capitalize on that and show the world that Montreal is a city where two cultures can live together.”

No details about the exact plans or budget were disclosed, however Mayor Tremblay asked that the organizing committee create a to-do list by the end of the year. Rozon jokingly listed Leonard Cohen, Cirque du Soleil, and Céline Dion as his three "dream" performers for the event.

Photo: Peter McCabe – The Gazette