5 Funniest Videos of Drunk Jeff Goldblum

Prepare for a intoxicated journey into the mind of Hollywood's oddest duck. 

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Jeff Golblum is a great actor. If one were to be sitting in a theatre while watching a films opening credits and the name "Jeff Goldblum" appeared, you would think to yourself 'oh, this will be even more delightful than I had anticipated.' That does not change the fact that Jeff Goldblum is one of the wierdest, most bizarre looking, sounding, and watchable actors of all time. 

And that's just when he's sober…

Apparently, Mr. Goldblum has been hitting the sauce. This first video of Jeff Goldblum aired a few years back from his days as a spokesperson for apple:

He has seen better days. 


It was said that Mr. Goldblum drank an entire bottle of Tanqueray and read half of "Two Gentleman of Verona" before recording this next promo:

He was removed from set after he accused the DP of sleeping with his wife.


In this video Goldblum rambles about his favorite color and if there is any life in outer space:

This video was cut short before Jeff Goldblum takes a giant bite out of a chair.


Jeff Goldblum tanked out of his mind on Conan:

Jeff Goldblum, at a staggering 7'2" rips Conan O'Brien in half. 


Goldblum hammered in a car:

She screamed, "no!" — Goldblum doesn't care. 


Another Jurassic Park drunk Goldblum vid: 

Get yourself some help, Jeff.