5 Funny Videos About The Mars Rover

Curiosity is the mother of comedy videos.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

NASA successfully landed the hyper-advanced Curiosity rover safely onto the surface of Mars, after a landing described as “7 minutes of terror.” This calls for a celebration! How about watching these videos making fun of this historic scientific achievement. Here are 6 funny videos about the mars rover:


Guile’s Theme Goes With NASA Celebrations

Go home and be a family man. Assuming “home” is Mars.


“…tell you a little about the penis…”

You naughty anchor, you.


This Is Not The Droid You’re Looking For

Jawas are on Mars, eh? Maybe George Lucas will give NASA some money.


Mars Rover Finds Nyan Cat

We already knew he was somewhere in space.


Life On Mars

This looks legit.


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