U.S. Athlete Disqualified For Marijuana Use

This participant took a bite out of the wrong brownie before heading to London.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Controversy, or at the very least, poor judgment, reared it's ugly head again after the International Olympic Committee disqualified U.S. Judo Athlete Nicholas Delpopolo after testing positive for marijuana, the U.S. Olympic Committee announced Monday.

Delpopolo, 23, who is from Westfield, N.J., and lives in Amsterdam, N.Y., blamed the positive on some baked goods he ate before he left for the Olympics and claimed that it was inadvertent.

"I apologize to U.S. Olympic Committee, to my teammates, and to my fans, and I am embarrassed by this mistake. I look forward to representing my country in the future, and will re-dedicate myself to being the best judo athlete that I can be," he said in a statement.

Delpopolo finished competing July 30, losing in the repechage round of the 73-kilogram weight class by yuko to Nyam-Ochir Sainjargal of Mongolia. Though he finished seventh overall in his event, he now has the dubious distinction of being the first of the 10,500 athletes competing in London to receive a doping violation for an in-competition test. There's been four other doping offenses based on tests taken before the games.

The positive test for Delpopolo marks the second doping offense for the U.S. in this Olympics. Before the Games, Stephany Lee was held off the Olympic wrestling team after testing positive for tetrahydrocannabinol acid, a marijuana metabolite, in a sample collected April 21 at the Olympic trials in Iowa City, Iowa.

In a statement given by USOC spokesan Patrick Sandusky, he states that the organization is committed to clean competition and stringent anti-doping penalties.

"Any positive test, for any banned substance, comes with the appropriate consequences and we absolutely support the disqualification," he said in a statement. "We look forward to witnessing the continued success of our athletes and commend their dedication to clean sport."

Medal Points Totals (as of Monday morning)

  1. China-64

  2. United States-61

  3. Great Britian- 38

  4. Russia-37

  5. Japan-27

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