The Idiot Box – Episode 94: I Suppose The Killing Will Be Fun Enough

This week, the end of "The Killing," the Avengers on ABC, Dan Harmon's new TV pilots and Allison Scagliotti on "Warehouse 13" season 4!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Allison Scagliotti returns to The Idiot Box! Kind of…

Our esteemed co-host, Sax Carr (Crave Online's Comedy Channel Editor) featured Allison on his other podcast, Fandom Planet with Tim Powers and they've generously shared a ten minute audio clip from their 90 minute interview with Allison as she tells them all about the fourth season of "Warehouse 13"!

But first, Sax joins our other co-host, Blair Marnell (Crave Online's TV Channel Editor) for a massive news update about an Avengers related show on ABC, Dan Harmon's new potential comedies on Fox and CBS, another addition to NBC's "Hannibal," the cancellation of "The Killing," a new name for "American Horror Story" season 2, two new Syfy series, Ron Howard's "Conquest" of Showtime, Benedict Cumberbatch's reaction to "Elementary," The CW's "Battle Royale" plans and the horrible choices made in this year's Emmy nominations.


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