Rupert Sanders Forbidden from Directing ‘Snow White 2?’

The filmmaker's wife won't let him make another movie with Kristen Stewart after the well-publicized tabloid scandal.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


We almost did it. We almost managed to avoid talking about the K-Stew/R-Pat tabloid scandal altogether. But no, now Kristen Stewart's "indiscretion" with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders has actually affected the world of filmmaking, and not just the relationships of people incidentally involved with it. For those of you who dwell under rocks, presumably happily, Kristen Stewart was caught on camera last month canoodling with Sanders, jeopardizing her well-publicized (but never publically confirmed) relationship with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson. And the internet went nuts. So, understandably, did Sander's wife Liberty Ross, who is reportedly forbidding Sanders from working with Stewart again if he wishes to save their marriage, according to Radar Online.

Considering that a sequel to the summer blockbuster was considered a foregone conclusion, and that Sanders – who made his feature directorial debut on the film – was reportedly eager to continue his vision (problematic though we thought it was) in future films, this could seriously affect plans for the potential franchise.

And, if the story is true, it's bound to bring extra scrutiny to whomever does end up directing the sequel, much in the same way that anyone who acts opposite Angelina Jolie is under heavy scrutiny. Will Brett Ratner (or whoever else ends up with the gig) find the actress's charms similarly irresistible? Can anyone? Besides us?

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