Katherine Grainger (FINALLY) Wins an Olympic Gold Medal

Grainger finally gets the top spot after over 16 years of trying.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Katherine Grainger finally bagged herself a gold medal after failing to take the top honours in the past three Olympic games.

Grainger fought her way to a silver medal in the Sydney, Atlanta and Beijing Olympics, but always fell just short of getting that much-desired gold. However, today (August 3) she finally broke her streak as runner-up, placing first in the women's double sculls with rowing partner Anna Watkins in 6min 55sec. 

The duo finished a length and a half clear of silver medallists Australia, who had been fighting head-to-head with them at the start of the race, before Grainger and Watkins pulled away half way through the race. 

30,000 gathered to watch Grainger finally realise her dream, willing her and Watkins on to take Britain's sixth gold medal of the competition. They had been pegged as favourites to win the race beforehand, with five time British Olympic gold medalist Sir Steve Redgrave apparently ensuring Grainger this would be her moment. Speaking after her victory, she said: "Worth the wait. Steve [Redgrave] promised me they'd be tears of joy this time, which they are."

She also dedicated the medal to her supporters, saying: "I feel this medal of all of them is the people's medal. I feel so many people have been behind me and supported me and wanted this for me as much as I have.

"It's off the back of everyone I've ever worked with, everyone I've ever rowed with, everyone who's helped me going back to my family who were there from the beginning, to my friends at school, university. Every single person's been a part of this and it makes the medal seem so much more special."

Grainger tried to maintain her composure whilst being awarded her medal, but as the British flag was raised and the crowd broke into the national anthem, she finally found herself overcome by the realisation that, after over 16 years of being runner-up, she finally got to return home a champion.

Photo: Getty Images