7 Funny Videos Starring British Guards

Funny hats, serious business.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The Royal Guards in front of Buckingham Palace are trained soldiers. They take their jobs very seriously, but thanks to their iconic fuzzy hats, robotic marches and inability to laugh at anything, tourists like to mess with them. To be fair, you couldn’t ask for a better straightman. Here are 7 funny videos starring British guards (and people posing as them):


Making A British Guard Laugh

…this is also how you get a British guard fired.


Sneaky British Guard

How does he get his kicks to make that bell sound?


Guard Makes Girls Scream

Maybe they should put him in a SAW movie.


British Guard’s Underwear

I’m pretty sure his other outfit is not regulation.


The Kid Guard

That child is an actual British guard. They hire them young these days.



Wow, these people sure hate getting saluted.


Dancing with the Guards

They can do more than just march. Who knew?


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