Chris Hoy Hits Olympic Gold Medal Record

Hoy equals the legendary Steve Redgrave's golden record.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Sir Chris Hoy has equalled Sir Steve Redgrave's tally of 5 gold medals, hitting the British Olympic record. 

Hoy and partners Philip Hindes and Jason Kenny took home the gold in the three-man team sprint event, but their journey to the top honours was not without its hiccups. Hindes got Team GB off to a poor start in the qualifiers after falling onto the track during the first bend, but officials determined that his crash was due to a mechanical fault and the heat was ordered to restart.

From there the trio propelled themselves into Olympic history, breaking two records; their first an Olympic record time against Germany, the second a world record time against France of 42.6secs.

Speaking after Team GB's victory, Hoy said: “What a fantastic night it was; when I threw the bike across the line and heard the roar I knew it was all over. That last ride I dug deeper than I have ever dug before.

“Honestly, to be mentioned in the same sentence as Sir Steve Redgrave you have to pinch yourself really. I watched him win all five of his golds. I can’t put into words the respect which I have for him. I’m delighted I got five gold medals. It’s very kind that people are thinking about me and him in the same sentence."

Hoy now has a chance to beat Redgrave's record within the same week, with him also being in contention for a gold in the keirin next Tuesday.

Hoy, Hindes and Kenny's victory is Team GB's fifth gold medal in two days, their drought ended by Heather Stanning and Helen Glover on Wednesday

Photo: Getty Images