Umpire Ejects P.A. Worker Over Song

This old-time tune didn't sit well with one umpire.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Baseball has always been a sport where managers and players know they can get right up into an umpire's face and spit, slobber, and rave their worth and not have to worry about anything heavier than being thrown out of the game. The constant verbal abuse from these players and managers, as well as the constant ridicule from fans, have noticeably thinned the skin of a large number of umps working baseball across the country.

But what happened on Wednesday night at a Class-A Florida State League game, may be the result of the thinnest skinned umpire of all time.

The Daytona Cubs were playing Fort Meyers when there was a missed call at first base that went against the Cubs. This prompted music intern Derek Dye to play an organ rendition of "Three Blind Mice", mocking the ump in classic fashion.

Well, the light joke didn't go over well with umpire Mario Seneca, who got irate at the music. He then ejected Dye and ordered the sound off for the rest of the night.

Here's how the Daytona Cubs Facebook page noted the ejection.

"We've just entered the twilight zone at Jackie Robinson Ballpark. Our music man, Derek Dye, has been EJECTED from tonight's game. The umpire, Mario Seneca, was apparently not happy when Derek played Three Blind Mice after a questionable call. With no music system, a fan has stepped up to call out player introductions from the stands."

Dye would later take to twitter to post his thoughts on the subject and it's apparent he isn't too broken up over the toss.

"If nothing else, I have a new pick-up line … 'Hey, my name's Derek and I've been ejected from a pro baseball game.' It's bulletproof," Dye Tweeted.

Umpire Seneca took to Facebook himself later that night, defending his actions and claiming that his decision was endorsed by his boss.

"The good news is that I called my league president afterwards, and he said I did the correct thing. His opinion is pretty much the only one that matters, since he's my boss." Seneca posted.

On the plus side, the Cubs would go on to win the game 2-1. On the potential negative, however, Seneca is set to umpire Thursdays game as well.

Perhaps a rendition of 'The Cat Came Back' would be more appropriate this time around.

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