Total Rekall… with horses?

What if the wildest imagination of Rekall technology was just horseback riding.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Could the simple gimmick that made Old Spice virally launch to the webs favorite cologne, be the small boost to success Total Rekall needs to steal the box office? (I mean aside from a three breasted Kaitlyn Leeb? (and by aside, I mean in addition… (and by ‘in addition’ I mean ‘in my bed’)))


Let's move on…

Viral promos for Total Rekall have been popping up everywhere these days, from fake posters, bus ads, and even a website( We're pretty sure this Rekall promo from sketch group Tremendosaur ( isn't the real deal, but it sure is funny. Enjoy:

Written/Directed/Edited by Jacob Reed


Voice over: Sarah Claspell

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