Ada Wong Gets Her Own Campaign in Resident Evil 6

… And it isn’t even pre-order/post launch DLC!

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Capcom has confirmed that Resident Evil 6 will have one extra campaign thrown on top of Chris, Leon and Jake’s individual journeys. The fan-favorite mercenary and lady in red, Ada Wong, will have her own campaign, although it can only be accessed once you’ve completed the other three campaigns first.

During a recent press event in Osaka, Japan, Capcom confirmed to IGN the news of Ada Wong getting her own spotlight story in Resident Evil 6. While we’ll wait to form our own opinion when the game launches later this year, IGN does mention in their news post that the Ada Wong campaign, judging from what they’ve seen, is one of the best aspects of Resident Evil 6 thus far.

Lastly, Capcom detailed a new feature for the game called “Agent Hunt,” which allows players to take on the role of the creatures/zombies in another player’s campaign, presumably to hunt them down and kill them. This should add some change to the campaigns of RE6 once they’ve been completed.

More on Resident Evil 6 to come.