Top Ten Worst Cities To Host The Olympics

London is great, but here's a humorous look at the worst places the IOC could possibly host the upcoming games in 2016.

B. Redd Reddochby B. Redd Reddoch


It would be ludicrous to host a major sporting event in the summer heat of the desert cities of Qatar.
What? They’re hosting the World Cup in 2022??!!
Good frickin’ luck with that.

Yerevan, Armenia
England put on a display of 2,000 years of culture featuring literary giants, musical geniuses,
architectural masterpieces and the pageantry of history making people including a nod to the world
changing Industrial Revolution and even socialized medicine. From Austen to Harry Potter. From
Churchill to Bond. Beatles to Prodigy. They showcased every form of culture they had to offer.
Armenia would have none of it.

Kingston, Jamaica
The slowest Olympics on record as athletes redefine ‘faster, stronger, higher.”

Salt Lake City, USA
Without the snow, who the heck wants to go to SLC?

Calcutta, India
On the plus side, the trains run on time.
Three downsides give me pause. Kayaking down the same Ganges River where the dead are frequently
dropped off. They’d probably make us all play cricket. And, who’d want to run a marathon next to
Slumdog Millionaire?

Cleveland, USA
One joke and one fact on Cleveland… see if you can tell which is which. Cleveland actually submitted two
bids to host the Olympics for the 1916 and 1920 games thinking they could win.
If they did host, all of the athletes would flee for other cities as soon as they failed to win (see: James,
Lebron and Browns).

Pyongyang, North Korea
The opposite of Cleveland as athletes are forced to stick around.

Bogata, Columbia
Imagine a shooting event where the spectators shoot back.

Tehran, Iran
Forget the no booze for a second. Forget for a minute the fact they don’t recognize Israel as a country and what fun the Opening Ceremony would be. Forget for a long while there would be no women’s beach volleyball! No women’s swimming! No women’s rowing! No. Women’s. Beach. Volleyball.
Forget all that and remember that it is Iran in summer.

Detroit, USA
God bless the Motor City. They have submitted 7 bids to host the Olympics, obviously losing them all.
You read that right – seven times. They gave up after 1972.
If they were deemed unworthy at their height, can you imagine the worldwide laughter if Detroit tried

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