London Turnaround In Pool For Magnussen

The Missile Qualifies fastest for 100 meters freestyle.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

James Magnussen, also known as The Missile, had a bounce back of sorts as he qualified fastest for the 100 meters freestyle on Tuesday.

It’s been an average games for the Australian swimmers who are normally very successful in the pool and Magnussen admitted to be too cocky when he claimed prior to the games that he’d win multiple gold medals.

That didn’t exactly come to fruition when Magnussen was poor as the lead swimmer in Australia’s 4×100 freestyle relay. He had predicted gold, but the boys managed just fourth.

The 21-year-old regrets his words.

"To be honest, I came into these Olympics thinking I couldn't be beaten," Magnussen said after his botched opening in the relay.

"It was probably the reality check I needed. Everyone tells you to expect that it's different and it is … this is the Olympics. I've learnt from it."

Back to his best yesterday, Missile won his semi with a 47.63 time. American Nathan Adrian produced a 47.97, the second time he’s raced under 48 seconds these Olympics and will be Magnussen’s top rival come Thursday. Two-time French gold medallist Yannick Agnel was just seventh, but with two days rest could catch fire.