Dan Harmon Jumps To CBS & Fox

The ousted creator of "Community" signs development deals for two new comedy projects.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Last May, Dan Harmon was removed from "Community" after its third season on NBC by Sony Pictures Television, much to the surprise of "Community" fans everywhere. However, Harmon may find himself back on network television as soon as fall 2013.

According to TVLine, Harmon has signed a deal with CBS for a new half comedy series at CBS that may be filmed in the classic multi-camera format as opposed to the single camera format used in "Community." The actual project is still early in development, but Harmon reportedly is attempting a TV show that will have broader appeal than some of his previous projects.

Additionally, Harmon is said to be close to signing a development deal with Fox for a comedy series on that network as well. Harmon's Fox project may also be a multi-camera show, but that is no currently confirmed one way or the other. If either the Fox or CBS project go forward, they would likely be in contention to air during the fall 2013 TV season.

Prior to creating "Community" on NBC, Harmon was best known for his stint on Comedy Central's "The Sarah Silverman Program;" which Harmon co-created and served as the head writer. Harmon also created the sketch comedy series "Acceptable TV" and co-wrote the screenplay for the animated film, Monster House.

Harmon is also currently working on an animated pilot for Adult Swim called "Rick & Morty;" which follows the misadventures brilliant inventor and his grandson, whose intellect is described as "less-than-genius."

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