Star Wars: The Old Republic Goes Free to Play

Soon you’ll be able to adventure in a galaxy far, far away for the price of nothing.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


This fall, EA and BioWare’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, will go free to play. Players who choose to play the free-to-play version of The Old Republic will have access to all eight classes and the game’s entire story content. The level cap for free-to-play gamers will be level 50.

However, gamers who continue to pay the monthly subscription free of $14.99 will have access to new high level content, new features and unlimited access to the entire product. For instance, free players will only be able to jump into a limited number of PvP warzones per week. Once they’ve hit their cap, they are locked out until the next week starts up. Paying customers will have unlimited access.

In an interview with IGN, BioWare’s Matt Bromberg says that the state of the market is what drove the decision to include a free-to-play option in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

"There has been some decline in our subscriber numbers, but I wouldn't say that's what's driving the decision…what's happened in the marketplace is that free-to-play has really become the market standard for MMOs and we felt like there were both potentially millions of new players who were Star Wars fans who never tasted the game because the subscription was a barrier. Our research also told us that a lot of the folks who we had earlier on who left the game would like to come back and try some of the new features and content that we've put into the game since they've left if the subscription wasn't a barrier. So we feel like the market and our players are telling us that greater access is what they want and so we're really responding to that.”

With Star Wars: The Old Republic going free to play, will you be jumping into the galaxy far, far away to test out the waters? Or, were you a paying customer who left the game behind and now feel the desire to return because it’s free? Sound off in the comments below.