Cats Punching Babies (video)

You know you want to watch it as much as we do.

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Let's face it — sometimes babies get away with everything. They're cute, innocent, and live thier lives with complete diplomatic immunity. Well, there's a group that won't stand for it any longer — Cats. Cats have had enough playing second string to these uppity babies and they've decided it's high-time to fight back. 

We here at CRAVE online have found some of the funniest, if not most bizzare, videos of Cats fighting back against thier adorable masters. 

Take a look:


Rope-a-dope Cat.

This bout was over before it started. Don't mess with a angry pussy. 



That was the Muhammed Ali of Cats.


Ninja Cat Attack

Don't ever sneak up on a cat with throwing stars. 


The Karate Kid Cat

This kid is gonna grow up to be a serial killer. 


Cat Gets Fed Up!

Watch your step kid, cat's with go-tee'd owners fight dirty. 


Sneak Attack Cat

Mess with the bull, son, and you'll get the horns…


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