10 Unlikely Banes

Check out these funny mashups or Gotham is ashes.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

You have my permission to die. You also have my permission to see these funny mashup images showing a slew of contenders to the Bane legacy. Since The Dark Knight Rises was such a huge hit, who wouldn’t want the gig as Batman’s nemesis? Plus you’d get an awesome sewer office. Here are 10 unlikely Banes:


Bane Kitty

So cute. So terrifying. [via]


Charlie Bane

His one weakness is the little redheaded Batgirl. [via]


Kurt Cobane

Smells like teen sewer gangs. [via]



You know what would have made Bane scarier? Celery up his butt. [via]


Spike Bane

Friendship is breaking the backs of your pony friends. [via]


Bane Capitol

Once Gotham’s destroyed, we’ll have a better Amercia. [via]


Barack O-Bane-ma

Ugh, don’t get him started on “hope.” [via]


Michael Bane

He could have played multiple roles. [via]


Bane-jamin Franklin

A penny saved is a penny to be extracted from the dying hands of Gotham’s corrupt ruling elites. [via]


Bane Manatee

He’ll take over Gotham very, very slowly. [via]


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