Girl Butchers National Anthem Before MLS Game

Could it be the worst rendition ever at a professional sports event? We’ll let you be the judge.

Ed Millerby Ed Miller

There are so many renditions of the National Anthem that get sung on a daily basis, some good and
some, well not so good; but it takes a special talent to really butcher this country’s most revered song.

There has been a long, long list of people who are infamous for singing it in horrible fashion; the most
well-known of who was Roseanne Barr before a San Diego Padres game in 1990. Since then there have
been plenty of awful renditions, from Carl Lewis’s torturing rendition before a game in 1993, to just
this past January when Steven Tyler tried to give it his own “style” – that “style” was later defined as

But this past weekend one little girl might just have taken the cake.

Before a Major League Soccer match between the Los Angeles Galaxy and FC Dallas on Saturday,
an 11-year old by the name of Harper Guzins sung the National Anthem. While unlike some of her
predecessors who were booed – we’re looking at you, Carl Lewis – during the song, Harper finished it
uninterrupted, despite plenty of smiles from the 22,565 in attendance.

We understand it’s not an easy task to sing in front of a large crowd at any age, let alone 11, but we’re
not going to give her a pass on this one. Judging by her website, she’s been singing like this for awhile.

Just from the first note, our heads wanted to explode, but no, we hung in there and listened until “thee
bombs bursting in air,” when her rendition was at its absolute worst. Check out what we mean:

So is it the worst of all-time?

No, it just doesn’t top Roaseanne’s crotch-grabbing mess. That seems almost impossible to do, even
nearly 22 years later. What do you think?

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