5 Dos & Don’ts Of Watching The Olympics

A TV viewing survival guide for your next two weeks during the 30th Olympiad.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

We're already a few days into the Olympics and there's a few things that every spectator needs to remember while watching.

…But there's also a few things each person needs to avoid while watching the games in London.

DO: WATCH THE OLYMPICS – Yeah, I know.  You think that the Olympics are just a bunch of sports nobody cares about.  But every four years billions of people across the globe tune in to watch the best of the best compete.  It's addictive, and you will not be sorry.
DON'T: Try and find anything ELSE on TV – EVERY network outside of the NBC family of networks pretty much takes the day off while the Olympics are being broadcast.  Just try and find something good on TV during the day for the next two weeks. It can't be done, because everyone knows they can't compete with the numbers the Olympics attract.

DO: Watch women's beach volleyball with the guys – Let's be honest here, most of the women who participate in beach volleyball are hot.  Watching beautiful women play in the sand with a bunch of your friends just makes it a little more entertaining. 
DON'T: Watch men's beach volleyball with the guys  while drinking wine coolers and listening to Lady Gaga. – Unless of course, you're into that kinda thing.  

DO: Watch gymnastics with your wife/girlfriend – While your girlfriend might not usually be into you spending the whole day on the couch watching sports, the Olympics are marketed towards the casual observer.  This includes putting as much gymnastics coverage on TV to draw in the female viewership.  Take the time to bond with your lady.
DON'T: Watch men's swimming with your wife/girlfriend – At least don't do this if you're the jealous type.  Most of the guys that compete in ANY of the water sports have the bodies of Greek gods.  Even if she's not showing it, your girl is swooning over these guys.  Just try and get through it.

DO: Watch as many different events as possible – Most people who claim that they don't care about the Olympics will only watch men's basketball or some other mainstream sport.  But do yourself a favor.  Watch some badminton, water polo, handball, anything that comes on your TV.  Even if you don't understand the sport, you will get sucked into the excitement of watching your country's best athletes compete against the rest of the world, no matter what the sport is.
DON'T: Complain when people tweet the results – There are hundreds of press members in London over the next two weeks and part of their job is to tweet up to the minute results to keep their followers involved. Some fans have complained about these instant updates the first few days of the games.  If you're the kind of person that doesn't want to know what happens until you see it on TV (good luck, with today's news cycle) then you'll need to make a conscious effort to cut yourself off from the world.  Good luck with that.

DO: Become an expert in every event after watching for 5 minutes – It's part of the fun and proves that the announcers are doing their jobs.  Watch an obscure sport for 5-10 minutes and you'll not only understand the sport, but it's guaranteed you'll become an "expert" and start planning out in game strategies in no time. It's part of the fun of the Olympics.
DON'T: Act like you're going to care about these sports after the closing ceremonies – Every Olympic sport experiences a surge in popularity in the weeks leading up to and the weeks after the Olympics.  But don't be that guy that acts like he still cares about shot-put tournaments and rankings come November.  Believe it or not, the fact that we only really care about these games for two weeks every four years is what makes it fun.  Enjoy the Olympics while it lasts, but after the closing ceremonies it's time to get back to the real world.  

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