The Book Report Podcast #108: In Honor of Drain-Face

The comic book guys finally weigh in on The Dark Knight Rises, and it is a sonic enterprise worthy of Bane.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Dark Knight Rises

This one's for the hardcore fans, as it will test your dedication. The 108th episode of The Book Report, Crave Online's comic book podcast, not only features your co-host Andy Hunsaker sick as a dog with a voice that scarcely exists, but the continuing glitchiness of Skype has some weird "sonic fun" with your other co-host Iann Robinson here and there as well.  However, since we're breaking down The Dark Knight Rises, we'll have you know that the vocal issues were intentional, in honor of Bane. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Also on the discussion docket – American Vampire, Axe Cop, All-Star Western, Batman: The Dark Knight, Daredevil, The Goon, Nightwing, Amazing Spider-Man, Aquaman, Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye, X-Treme X-Men and more.

Here's the mp3!

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