‘Elementary’ Producer Announces Moriarty For New American Sherlock Holmes Series

Robert Doherty reveals plans to introduce Sherlock’s ultimate nemesis during the first season.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Today, CBS presented “Elementary,” its version of Sherlock Holmes, to the Television Critics Association. Executive Producer Robert Doherty opened with some major announcements for the show. 
“We officially have a plan for our Moriarty,” Doherty said. “We look forward to introducing him to you as we go. Sherlock’s father who we reference in the first episode is also someone we move closer and closer to meeting. He’ll be an interesting shadowy figure in the series.”
“Elementary” stars Jonny Lee Miller as a modern day Sherlock Holmes, in New York after leaving England. His Watson is played by Lucy Liu, whose Watson is a sober partner assigned to Holmes by his rehab facility. 
Each week Holmes brings his unique powers of perception to solving new mysterious, but Moriarty would be a  more long term nemesis. So in this world of Sherlock Holmes, what kind of guy would Moriarty be? We asked Doherty during the TCA session.
“I feel it’s important at the end of the day to be true to the spirit of the character,” he said. “There’s a little more wiggle room with Moriarity. In the books he’s a more shadowy figure. He’s described as the spider at the web of crime in London. Quite often your’e dealing with his agents. He has a finger in every pie. He’s the man behind the man behind the man. We may be able to make some use of that, in that there are a few dominos we can knock over before we get to that.”
“Elementary” premieres September 27 on CBS. We’ll have interviews with the stars in the coming months.