FX Promises More ‘Wilfred,’ ‘Louie,’ ‘Justifed’ And New Shows

FX's President also confirms that the network isn't quite ready to give up on "Powers."

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

At the FX session for the Television Critics Association this weekend, FX President and General Manager John Landraf gave promising updates for many of his popular shows. “Louie” has been renewed for a fourth season and “Brand X” will shoot another 7 episodes in the fall. “Anger Management” is also likely to get a 90 episode pickup!

While deals have not yet been finished, Landgraf also expects to have a lot more “Wilfred” and “Justified” on FX. “‘Wilfred’ I think has a many years future,” Landgraf said. “We have some deal issues to work out but I think it’ll be on the air for several more years. Similarly ‘Justified’ I think has a minimum of a six year run on the air.”
With last week’s news that the beleaguered FX pilot “Powers” still has a chance for a series pickup on FX, Landgraf addressed its status. Three additional scripts have been commissioned for subsequent episodes and more writers are being hired.
“Brian [Bendis] has the benefit of reading scripts that I haven’t read, but what we ended up doing was hiring Chic Eglee not only to rewrite the pilot but [to] do three more episodes and put together a writing staff. We’re going to end up having four scripts for ‘Powers.’”
The stars of “Powers” may have moved on though. Lucy Punch has a role on the Fox series “Ben and Kate” this fall, and Landgraf expects most of the original cast will be replaced.
“If we elect to go forward, I think we’ll go back and reshoot the pilot with a new cast. There’s a possibility that some of the cast may return. Jason Patric certainly wants to look at the material and render a verdict whether he still wants to be a part of the show. But I think it’s just as likely we reshoot the pilot.”
FX hasn’t closed a deal for “Anger Management” yet either but after four episodes on the air, they’re already thinking big. After the first order of 10, another 90 would make it an even 100. Martin Sheen guest starred in the 10th episode of Charlie Goodson (Charlie Sheen)’s father. He would become a regular for the back 90.
“I think that what the entry of Martin Sheen’s character will do is it will give an extra dimension to the show and also make it a multigenerational family show. If you think of even what was successful in a show like ‘Two and a Half Men’ was it was a multi-generational comedy. There was a grandmother, the men and the boy. That’s a dimension they’ve lost. The show will still deal with Charlie and his patients and Charlie and the women in his life but it’ll add a dimension. It’s a very memorable character.”
So memorable in fact that they showed a clip of Martin Sheen’s episode of “Anger Management.” He re-enacts a scene from Apocalypse Now, only he does the Brando part and Charlie Sheen does his father’s lines. 
The only reason they have not confirmed the 90 episodes yet is they don’t have to for another six weeks. “We’re just very conservative. Since we have the right contractually to wait for every single number to make a decision about moving forward, we’re going to take that prerogative and wait. However the four that have aired have exceeded the number for renewal so I would say the odds are overwhelming it will return.”
Finally, Landgraf revealed some details about “American Horror Story" season 2. “The second season takes place in a different time frame. It takes place in the ‘60s. It takes place in New England. A sanitarium run by the catholic church. None of the characters in it are characters that we’ve previously seen. There’s no continuity between season one and season two. I can only tell you that it’s unbelievably scary and I’m very excited about the cast.”